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The concert was held November 7th and was later broadcast by BBC, possibly on New Years Eve or Day. There were some changes to the order and content of the setlist in the broadcast compared to the concert.

  1. Let it happen
  2. We will not be lovers
  3. Glastonbury song
  4. Good man gone
  5. Higher in time
  6. Whole of the moon
  7. Has anybody here seen Hank
  8. Malediction
  9. Is she conscious
  10. Dumbing down the world
  11. The Pan within
  12. Too close to Heaven
  13. Bring em all in
  14. Crown
  15. Medicine bow
  16. On my way to Heaven
  17. This is the sea
  18. That was the river
  19. Fishermans blues

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