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  1. Rags
  2. All The Things She Gave Me
  3. The Thrill Is Gone
  4. A Girl Called Johnny
  5. The Girl In The Swing
  6. How Long Will I Love You
  7. Glastonbury Song
  8. St. Patrick's Day
  9. The Pan Within
  10. Lonesome Old Wind
  11. The Hosting Of The Shee
  12. News For The Delphic Oracle
  13. News For The Delphic Oracle (cont.)
  14. News For The Delphic Oracle (cont.)
  15. Song Of Wandering Aengus
  16. White Birds
  17. Mad As The Mist And Snow
  18. An Irish Airman Foresees His Death
  19. September 1913
  20. Politics
  21. Don't Bang The Drum
  22. The Whole Of The Moon
  23. A Man Is In Love
  24. Fisherman's Blues
  25. Be My Enemy

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