Monday, January 25, 2021


The Waterboys: 2015-06-27 - Glastonbury Festival, England

See the setlist at setlist.fm2015-06-27 - Glastonbury Festival, England
  1. Fisherman's Blues
  2. Still A Freak
  3. A Boy Called Johnny
  4. We Will Not Be Lovers
  5. Nearest Thing To Hip
  6. Medicine Bow
  7. Glastonbury Song
  8. Mad As The Mist and Snow
  9. The Whole Of The Moon
  10. Long Strange Golden Road

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Rnd. Tracklist

See the setlist at setlist.fm2013-03-30 - Espace Julien, Marseille, France
  1. Hiding Under Water
  2. Lifts You Up
  3. Trouble
  4. Better Man
  5. Chocolate Jesus
  6. Well, Well
  7. Delicious Surprise
  8. Caught Out in the Rain
  9. Swing My Thing Back Around
  10. Bang Bang Boom Boom
  11. Easy
  12. I'll Take Care of You
  13. For My Friends
  14. Something's Got a Hold On Me
  15. Don't Explain
  16. Spirit of God
  17. Thru the Window of My Mind
  18. Baddest Blues
  19. I'd Rather Go Blind

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