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Mike Scott & Steve Wickham: 2015-01-16 - Gaiety Busk, South King Street, Dublin, Ireland

2015-01-16 - Gaiety Busk, South King Street, Dublin, Ireland
Mike Scott - Vocals, Guitar
Steve Wickham - Fiddles
  1. Still A Freak - Take #1
  2. Jam and chat
  3. Still A Freak - Take #2
  4. Chat
  5. Still A Freak - Take #3
  6. Still A Freak - Final Take

Tapers note:

On January 16th on a cold and windy morning, Waterboys' Mike Scott and Steve Wickham played about a 30 minute set directly out front of the Gaiety Theatre. They were filming a performance of Still A Freak (from the excellent Modern Blues Album which was released in Ireland that very day!), for an Irish Arts show called 'The Works' and apparently Mike was interviewed by show host John Kelly in the Gaiety Theatre prior to the 'Busk' outside. This show will air on Irish TV on February 8th 2015.

As i said it was very windy, and this is evident on the first take of Still A Freak but overall I am very happy with it...



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2019-08-24 - Pengwern stage, Shrewsbury Folk Festival, Shrewsbury, England
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  2. Please Don't Ask Me To Dance
  3. Intro to Pangur Bán and the Primrose Lass
  4. Pangur Bán and the Primrose Lass
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  17. Eddi talks about Melanie Harrold
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  19. Talk about her childhood
  20. Moon River
  21. Banter
  22. Willie Stewart
  23. Banter
  24. Wild Mountainside

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