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The Waterboys: 1986-06-20 - Glastonbury Festival Main Stage, Worthy Farm, Pilton, England

See the setlist at setlist.fm1986-06-20 - Glastonbury Festival Main Stage, Worthy Farm, Pilton, England
Mike Scott - Vocal, Guitars, Piano
Anthony Thistlethwaite - Sax, Electric Mandolin, Mouth Organ, Piano
Steve Wickham - Fiddle, Mandolin
Trevor Hutchinson - Bass
Dave Ruffy - Drums

This is a master FM recording (BBC) (so not sourced from any of the old silver bootlegs of this show such as "A Golden Day"), which has been recently re-mastered from the original TDK SA-60 cassette tape to FLAC. Presumably due to the age (and repeated usage, i.e. playing) of the original tape, there are some slight tape drop-outs noticeable, mainly only during the first song.

  1. Medicine Bow
  2. Be My Enemy
  3. Maggie's Farm
  4. Old England
  5. The Thrill Is Gone
  6. The Healing Has Begun
  7. The Pan Within [including Because The Night
  8. The Whole Of The Moon
  9. Spirit
  10. Savage Earth Heart

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Rnd. Tracklist

See the setlist at setlist.fm2013-12-03 - Kesselhaus, Berlin, Germany
  1. Crashing Down the End
  2. Sinner's Prayer
  3. Delicious Surprise
  4. Rhymes
  5. Good as It Gets
  6. Trouble
  7. Sky Full of Clover
  8. Learning to Live
  9. Favorite Things
  10. Leave the Light On
  11. Lifts You Up
  12. Sick
  13. With You Every Day
  14. Bang Bang Boom Boom
  15. Spirit of God
  16. Baddest Blues
  17. By Her
  18. The Ugliest House on the Block
  19. I'd Rather Go Blind
  20. My California

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