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Friday, August 12, 2022


Bring 'Em All inSiTe:

The following is a transcript of the log from March 12, 2 p.m. PST/5 p.m. EST/10 p.m. GMT on channel #inSiTe.

<Zinemastr> Welcome to the inSiTe IRC channel! We are ready to start our LIVE interview with Mike Scott!

<Zinemastr> The interview will be moderated by inSiTe music editor Bob Mackin...welcome gentleman!

<BobMackin> Mike Scott is now online.

<BobMackin> Welcome to Vancouver, Mike. To quote your lyric “It's fine to be in your company,

<BobMackin> A (technological) miracle to be with you..."

<BobMackin> It's been more than five years since you were last here.

<BobMackin> We have questions here for you via email and from people who are online.

<Evan> Mr. Scott: You seem to write quite lyrical and poetic prose - have you considered writing or publishing a book/anthology?

<MikeScott> No Evan I never have, but I'll keep your idea in mind...thank you very much!

<BobMackin> Here's an email question from Mark Marshall in England: Bring ‘em all in, do you consider this to be a better album when played really late at night? Is this something you've considered -- the songs seem far more potent in the dark and quiet.

<MikeScott> Well Mark, I've never thought about it...what time do you find works best??:

<rubadub> what do you think of the increased use of computer technology to produce music

<MikeScott> Well Rub, I think computers are wonderful tools when used in conjunction with humans...!'m all for them!

<BobMackin> Tell us about your current tour. It's just yourself on stage?

<MikeScott> Yes it's a one man show... play acoustic and electric guitar and keyboards...and sing the BALLS off my songs!

<Evan> Mr. Scott--> The Waterboys are only on hiatus?

<MikeScott> No Evan the Waterboys are finito...

<BobMackin> An email question from Chris Campbell in Maple Ridge, B.C.

<BobMackin> Do you still keep in contact with Anthony Thistlethwaite or Karl Wallinger?

<MikeScott> Well Chris, I got a phone call on my answering machine from Anthony the other day...he suggests lunch!

<MikeScott> As for Karl, I bump into him at rock festivals...once every four years or so...

<Mizuho2> Mike, saw you in Detroit (Japanese girl that talked w/ you afterward). You asked us if there was anything that he should have played. I was impressed that you cared - many performers wouldn't.

<MikeScott> Thanks Mizuho, that's a very nice thing for you to say...I'm always trying to improve my show...and your the guys on the receiving end.

<MikeScott> Any advice gratefully received...within reason!!!

<rubadub> do you plan to stay solo or are there plans to get together with other musicians in the future...if so who would you like to team up with?

<MikeScott> I will continue to work under the name Mike Scott...but I do plan to assemble some backing musicians.... I would like to work with...uh-oh I'm stumped...but I know they're out there

<laurao> When and why did you go to Findhorn? Could you tell us about it?

<MikeScott> I went to the Findhorn community first time dec/92...It's a cool place...and I got a lot from being there. It's like a school or college of life and they have lots of different courses and workshops...many of which I did. I also played a lot of music while I was there in the community theatre. They have an internet site, look for Findhorn...

<_Echappe> Mike, which of those workshops exactly did you take?

<MikeScott> Experience week..

<MikeScott> Departmental guest...

<MikeScott> Experience week 2...

<MikeScott> Inner listening...(that was a great one)

<MikeScott> and LCG (living in community guest)

<Evan> Mr. Scott--> I've seen your list of books you read while recording Bring ‘em all in... You seem like you would enjoy Jonathon Livingston Seagull.

<MikeScott> Thanks Evan, I've read some of Bach's other books...and enjoyed them.

<BobMackin> Of all the places you have written and recorded, which is the place you enjoyed the most?

<MikeScott> My favorites are...

<MikeScott> Jona, Scotland

<MikeScott> Galway, Ireland

<MikeScott> and Findhorn...

<MikeScott> honorable mentions...

<MikeScott> New York

<MikeScott> Glasgow..

<BobMackin> Via email from PMair in New Zealand: Does the venom expressed for Edinburgh Castle in the song of the same name reflect your feelings about Edinburgh vs. Glasgow?

<MikeScott> No there is nothing personal for me against Edinburgh Castle itself. It's just a symbol...for something inside me. Some old rock, that needs blowing down.

<Evan> Mr. Scott--> The Line from City Full of Ghosts - "The Ghost of a friendship, curdled and sour", who was that, and why so sour?

<MikeScott> It's a wonderful question Evan...and I've been wondering when someone would ask me...If I was an interviewer, this is the kind of question I would ask!

Via email from Mark Marshall in UK: You mentioned at one concert that you may release a Secret Life of the Waterboys -- Raggle Taggle period; any news on this?

<MikeScott> No news Mark...but I'm sure it will happen. Some probable tracks...Custers Blues...Tender Footin’...

<MikeScott> Meet Me at the Station...

<MikeScott> Saints and Angels...

<MikeScott> and many more!

Via email from Lasse Brundin in Sweden: You have at times talked about how the Waterboys once played with Bob Dylan (1985). What songs were played on this occasion? It was a recording session in London...the music was all instrumental...and the producer was Dave Stewart. Bob wasn't singing. But he was playing burbly lead guitar non-stop even between songs...

<MikeScott> It was beautiful!

<BobMackin> more from Lasse in Sweden: Is this when you learned "Death Is Not The End”, as performed in concert the same year?

<MikeScott> No, I got Death is Not the End from a bootleg tape...and promptly taught it to the rest of the Waterboys.

<Mizuho2> Mike, “This the Sea" is my favorite (I actually wrote a paper about it while I was in College). I'm curious if you could tell me your inspiration for that song.

<MikeScott> Well Mizuho, on the Waterboys summer 84 tour of the UK we played a small venue in Manchester. I can’t remember the name... on the wall of the dressing room was a piece of graffiti which said...

<MikeScott> "That was the river...this is the whole sea” I loved this phrase and it gave me the initial inspiration for this song...

<RichB> Mike, how is the tour going now? Some friends of mine really enjoyed your Chicago show and waited for 45 minutes to see you...but it was too cold (or something.)

<MikeScott> Yes, it was increadibly cold in Chicago...

<MikeScott> I tried to get Malcom the tour manager to have a word with the Fellow Upstairs to sort out the weather...but no luck!

<MikeScott> The tour is going great, thank you!

<_Echappe> Mike, when are you due back to NY?

<MikeScott> No idea.

<rubadub> how old were you when you first tinkled the ivories Mike?

<MikeScott> at 12!

<Evan> Mr. Scott: Have you recently written anything along the angry veins of Bury My Heart? The emotion...

<MikeScott> Yeah...I've recently written one called “The Dark Man of My Dreams" ...expect to hear it on my next album.

<Evan> Mr. Scott--> Any thought of putting Calgary on the tour map in the future?

<MikeScott> I'll keep it in mind, what's a good venue???

<laurao> While you were in DC, you mentioned that you will be appearing on an upcoming album inspired by Yeats. Can you tell us a little more about it. (GREAT show in DC, by the way!)

<MikeScott> Thank you Laurao, the album is currently being compiled in London...the projected title is "Words For Music Perhaps” ...and the record company is Grapevine Records. The artists approached include Elvis Costello, Christy Moore...and a bunch of others, probably out this summer.

<Evan> Mr. Scott: Venues for Calgary: Small, nice open space: University of a Calgary Mac Hall Ballroom, Mount Royal College...any campus, just for the record.

<MikeScott> Thanks Evan, see you in Calgary...some day soon!

<BobMackin> From Mark Marshall in UK: What do you think of bootlegs?

<MikeScott> I once sold Rolling Stones bootlegs...outside a Stones show. A very long time ago!

<BobMackin> The Greek god Pan is mentioned in several of your songs? Why? Are you inspired or fascinated by this half man, half goat mystical being?

<MikeScott> Both.

<MikeScott> He embodies wildness and freedom, two rare commodities in our modern world...

<Evan> Mr. Scott: Have you ever written anything about the old Irish Protestant Catholic debate?

<MikeScott> No Evan, I haven't.

<BobMackin> What are your thoughts on the prospects for peace in Belfast?

<MikeScott> Like everyone else I'd like to see peace in Northern early as possible. And J have no doubt it will come!

<Mizuho2> Do you plan to return to Findhorn to continue your spiritual journey? Was that place necessary to start/continue the journey?

<MikeScott> Findhorn was a important step on my own joumey...I'm sure I will go back from time to time...My spiritual journey continues wherever I am!

<RichB> Mike, have you ever played Gala in concert? It is my favourite song and sends shivers down my spine....

<Mike Scott> No I've never played Gala live...I'm delighted you like the song.

<BobMackin> Inside Fisherman's Blues there’s a team photo from a soccer game. Do you play much?

<BobMackin> Ooops. It was actually inside Room to Roam. Sorry

<MikeScott> No I don’t play often...In fact, that was the last time I played football...

<MikeScott> it was a challenge match with another band...the Saw Doctors, from Galway. The result was a two all draw...and the Saw Doctors cheated! by including several semi-proffesional footballers in their team. I had sore legs for two weeks afterwards!

<RichB> Mike, How is the tour going? Do you find audiences very different in different countries?

<MikeScott> Yes, they're all different!

<MikeScott> Even from city to city... my current North American tour is my best tour ever!

<BobMackin> Why is it your best? What is making it so special?

<MikeScott> I'm right on the beat of where my music lives! I have a great crew...(even if they do all come from Glasgow) and I've had brilliant audiences...

<Evan> Mr. Scott: What's a Church Not Made With Hands?

<MikeScott> In the song “Church Not Made With Hands" I'm referring to the earth itself...and seeing the earth as a Holy and sacred big temple.

<BobMackin> PMair in New Zealand asks if you're coming to New Zealand.

<MikeScott> I've never been, but would love to plans as yet, perhaps with the next album.

<Evan> Mr. Scott: Did Adam and Eve have navels? :)

<MikeScott> I can’t remember!!!

<MikePT> Mike, When did you see the Earth as a holy and sacred place? Surely not recently.

<MikeScott> All the time, Mike! Just cause humans often cause destruction...doesn't mean the earth itself isn't a miracle.

<BobMackin> Thank-you very much for coming Mike, any final words to everyone out there?

<MikeScott> What's the difference between Bing Crosby and Walt Disney??? (adopt Scottish accent)

<MikeScott> Bing sings but Walt Disnae!

<MikeScott> Thanks for all your messages and questions!

<MikeScott> So Long, Mike!

<BobMackin> Thanks again. And thanks to all of you out there!

<BobMackin> Come back to inSsite at for information on how to win Mike Scott prizes.

<BobMackin> And, we're proud to announce our next online chat.

<BobMackin> Be here March 30 at 1 p.m. PST/4 p.m. EST for Everclear, live from A&B Sound in Surrey, B.C., Canada

<BobMackin> For more info, come to inSiTe.

<BobMackin> Thanks, and goodbye!

<BobMackin> And don't forget to look for Mike's album Bring 'Em All In on Chrysalis records.

<BobMackin> He may also be coming to a city near you!

<Zinemastr> Thank you all for participating in our LIVE online chat with Mike Scott!

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Here is a list of current and former band members in addition to some guest artists.

For the current and former band members, it shows the instruments and period(-s) they participated.

For both the current and former band members and guest artists, you can see a picture of them if you hoover over their name where I have a picture. For those that I currently don't have a picture for, you will see this image. If you have a suitable picture for those missing, or a better for those I have a picture, please contact me in the Facebook group.

Current members
Band Member Instruments Period
Mike Scott  Vocals, Guitar, Piano 1981-present
Steve Wickham  Electric fiddle, mandolin 1985-1990, 2000-present
Ralph Salmins  Drums 2011-present
Brother Paul  Keyboards 2013-present
Jess Kav  Vocalist 2017-present
Zeenie Summers  Vocalist 2017-present
Aongus Ralston  Bass 2017-present
Former members
Band Member Instruments Period
Adam Snyder  Keyboards 2000
Adrian Johnston  Drums, piano 1983 & 1985
Anthony Thistlethwaite  Sax, Bass, Mandolin 1982-1991
Ashley Soan  Drums 2009-2010
Bart Walker  Guitar 2017
Blaise Margail  Trombone 2010-2011
Brad Waissman  Bass 2002-2003
Carla Azar  Drums 1992-1993
Carlos Hercules  Drums 2003-2006, 2009
Chris Benelli  Drums 2013
Chris Bruce  Lead Guitar 1992-1993
Chris Layer  Flute 2013
Chris Whitten  Drums 1984-1985
Colin Blakey  Flute, Whistle, Piano 1987-1990
Damon Wilson  Drums 2007-2008
Daniel Mintseris  Keyboards 2013
Dave Ruffy  Drums 1985-1986
David Hood  Bass 2014-2016
Eddi Reader  Backing Vocals 1984
Elizabeth Ziman  Vocals 2013
Fran Breen  Drums 1986-1988
Frank Biddulph  Fiddle 1985
Gavin Ralston  Guitar 1997
Geoff Dugmore  Drums 2001-2003
Gordon Davis  Bass 2000
Guy Chambers  Piano 1985-1986
Ian McNabb  Keyboards 2001
Ian McNabb  Bass 2002
James Hallawell  Keyboards 2010-2013
Jay Barclay  Guitar 2013-2014
Jay Dee Daugherty  Drums 1988-1989, 2001
Jeff Adams  Bass 2019
Jeremy Stacey  Drums 1999-2000, 2006, 2008
Jo Wadeson  Bass 2000-2001
Joe Chester  Lead Guitar 2009-2014
John Baggot  Keyboards 2000
John Caldwell  Guitar 1984
John McCullough  Keyboards 2009
Jon Green  Drummer 2017
Karl Wallinger  Keyboards 1983-1985
Kate St John  Oboe, Cor Anglais 2011-2012
Katie Kim  Vocals 2009-2012
Ken Blevins  Drums 1990-1991
Kevin Wilkinson  Drums 1982-1985
Liam Ó Maonlaí  Keyboards 2005
Liam O'Connor  Accordion 1987
Livingstone Brown  Bass 1999-2000
Lu Edmonds  Bass 1985
Malcolm Gold  Bass 2013
Marc Arciero  Bass 2009-2013
Marco Sin  Bass 1985
Mark Smith  Bass 2006-2009
Martyn Swain  Bass 1984-1985
Max Edie  Vocals 1985
Melvin Duffy  Pedal Steel, Guitar 2011-2013
Neil Mahony  Bass 2016, 2019
Niall C. Lawlor  Lap Steel 2014
Noel Bridgeman  Drums 1989-1990
Norman Rodger  Bass 1983
Paul "Binzer" Brennan  Drums 2010-2013
Paul Beavis  Drums 2002
Peter McKinney  Drums 1986-1988
Preston Hayman  Drums 1983
Ray Fean  Drums 2001
Richard Naiff  Keyboards, Flute 1999-2008
Roddy Lorimer  Trumpet 1983-1990, 2007
Ruby Ashley  Oboe, Cor Anglais 2010
Sarah Allen  Flute 2010-2012
Sarah Calderwood  Flute, Vocals 2013
Scott Thunes  Bass 1992-1993
Shane Fitzsimmons  Bass 2014
Sharon Shannon  Accordion, Fiddle 1989-1990, 2004
Simon Clarke  Sax 1990
Simon Wallace  Keyboards 2009-2010
Steve Walters  Bass 2003-2006
Tim Sanders  Sax 1990
Tom Windriff  Drums 2000-2001
Tomás Mac Eoin  Vocals 1988-1989
Trevor Hutchinson  Bass, Bouzouki 1986-1991
Vinnie Kilduff  Uillean Pipes, Tin Whistle 1987-1989
Zach Ernst  Lead Guitar 2014-2016
Some Guest Artists
Name  Instruments  Period
Alec Finn  Bouzouki  
Alisdair Fraser  Fiddle  
Andy White  Vocals/Guitars  
Askil Holm  Guitar/vocals  
Barry Ronan  Guitar  
BP Fallon  Backing vocals  
Brendan O'Regan  Bouzouki  
Charlie Burchill  Lead Guitar  
Charlie Lennon  Fiddle  
Colm McCaughey  Fiddle  
Donal Lennon  Fiddle  
Donal Lunny  Bouzouki  
Duncan Chisholm  Fiddle  
Eileen Ivers  Fiddle  
Fiachna O'Braonain    
Frank Lane  Guest vocalist  
Geoff Trott  Lead guitar  
Gerry O'Beirne  Dobro  
Gerry O'Connor  Fiddle  
Hank "Bones" Kahn  Bones  
Iain Greig  Backing vocals  
Joannie Madden  Flute  
Joe Kingman  Acoustic guitar  
Leo Moran  Lead guitar  
Mairtin Flaherty  Banjo  
Mary Shannon  Banjo/mandolin  
Mouse McHugh  Backing vocals  
Niamh Parsons  Guest vocalist  
Ossian  Fiddle  
Padraig Stevens  Percussion, Vocals  
Paul Kelly  Fiddle  
Peter O'Toole    
Philip King  Mouth organ  
Roddy Frame  Lead guitar/Backing vocals  
Seamus Begley  Accordion  
Sean Lennon  Fiddle  
Sean Watty Flaherty  Accordion  
Shelley Van Loen  Fiddle  
Shona McMillan  Fiddle  
Sinead O'Connor  Co-lead vocals/Backing vocals  
Sister Meta Reid  Backing vocals  
Sophie Morgan    
Steve Cooney  Guitar  
The Fleadh Cowboys  Guitar/vocals/piano  
The Sawdoctors    
Those Nervous Animals  Backing vocals  
We Free Kings  Guitars/backing vocals  
James Fearnley    

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