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Steve Wickham is an Irish rock violinist and since the mid-1980s he's a member of The Waterboys. During his long-lasting career Steve has performed all over the world and collaborated with Sinéad O’Connor, Bob Dylan and U2, among others.

For 25 years he played his most beloved fiddle ever, a Geronimo Grandini senior. In 2004, Steve -also referring to the great Apache leader- names his first solo album after Geronimo. But in 2012 his violin is irreparably damaged during a flight with British Airways.

Willem van den Broek and Erwin Rademaker, two friends and fans of The Waterboys for many years, are inspired by this loss. They decide to look for an identical violin.

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Rnd. Tracklist

2000-06-10 - The Big Music Volume 4 - Something Fantastic
The Big Music
  1. A Woman's Place (Another Pretty Face, London, December 1979
  2. I'll Give You Fire
  3. Lightning That Strikes Twice
  4. This Time It's Real (All: Another Pretty Face, John Peel Session, 18/2/81)
  5. Something Fantastic, 2nd Version (Dnv, Ayr, Taybank Studios, 9/78)
  6. Dog Dream (Waterboys, February 82)
  7. You Hold Me (Waterboys, "This Is The Sea"-Outtake, March '85)
  8. Boy In Black Leather (Waterboys, Ayr, 1979)
  9. This Could Be Hell (Funhouse, B-Side Of "Out Of Control" 7"-Single, Rockfield 1981)
  10. I'll Give You Fire (Funhouse, Rockfield, 1981)
  11. Another Kind Of Circus (Funhouse, Rockfield, 1981)
  12. Ready For The Monkeyhouse (Waterboys, Farmyard Studios March 1982)
  13. Where Are You Now When I Need You (Waterboys, B-Side Of "December" 7"-Single, London, Redshop Studios, 8/82)
  14. Something Fantastic, 3rd Version (Waterboys, London, Denmark Street Studios, 1982)
  15. Ulysses Has Gone (Waterboys, London, Playground Studios, 2/82)
  16. Hey Nigel Grainge (Waterboys, London, Redshop Studios, 11/82)

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